Premium Icelandic Salmon Leather


~ {pronounced “vɪntʏr;” from Old Norse Vindr, wind}

The elegant Nordic color palette from our Njord collection is timeless. Representing the colors of the natural elements the hues help create a sense of stability and calm energy. Natural colors are an ideal choice for accessories as they promote inner balance and tranquillity, as they play well with others.


Njord, our collection of accessories made of premium Icelandic salmon leather, is available in 4 sophisticated colors, embodying the Nordic aesthetics.

Phone Case

The design of our cases reflects the minimalist sophistication of Nordic aesthetics, beautiful in its simplicity, timeless in its styling, with a resolute depth of feeling in the care that’s gone into crafting every aspect.

Airpods Case (Coming Soon)


Pencil Case (Coming Soon)


Watch Strap (Coming Soon)


What we value

Socially Responsible

No Harmful Chemicals

Handcrafted with Passion

Nordic Mythology

Everyone loves stories about mythical places and magical creatures, and we at Nordic Elements are no different. Indulge in tales of great power and fearsome beasts, where gods and giants, goddesses and dragons fight over fantastical lands.


As our culture is steeped in the epic tales of Norse mythology, it's little surprise these stories of strength and character have been the inspiration for our collections.


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Sustainable & Socially Responsible


Elegantly designed, handcrafted cases made from premium Icelandic salmon leather


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Airpods Case (Coming Soon)

Pencil Case (Coming Soon)

Watch Strap (Coming Soon)