The Art of Woodcraft

At Nordic Elements, we strive to produce  the most beautiful cases using the world's  finest FSC*-certified timbers. Each piece of timber is processed by hand, cut precisely to size and finished with multiple layers of varnish offering strength, durability and beauty.


Sanded four times before and in between varnishing, each inlay is handcrafted over many hours.  The result is a flawlessly finished 0.8- 1.2mm-thick piece of quality panel with a natural, unique grain, lustrous colour and exceptional feel.


Finest Timbers

The names of our wood materials and exclusive finishings are all inspired by Norse mythology and the modern, cozy, contented Danish way of living, ‘Hygge’. The natural timbers each have their own unique grain like a fingerprint, while the cases have a tactile, silk-soft surface that draws your touch.


The exclusive plastic we use to complement our timbers is a high-quality polycarbonate, which has a smooth surface finish. Due to our high-accuracy plastic-injection tooling, the rounding on the sides feels flawless. Our soft-touch painting technique is a double process, meaning the paint is layered, more durable – able to withstand extensive chemical-resistance and rubbing tests – and more snug in your hand.


Lif is made from walnut, the legendary, sturdy timber with a rich chocolatey colour, beautiful straight grain and lustrous patina


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“Nordic Elements, inspired by legends,

designed in Denmark, Handcrafted by experts.”

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